MPC/HB Beta Program

Want To Try MPC/HB Now?

We are looking for interested and qualified parties to assist Staircase and its agents with Beta testing its MPC/HB program. We use the following terms herein, “Beta 1 Product”, “Beta 1 Product Test” and “Beta 1 Product Tester”.

While we appreciate all parties interest in our undertaking, for Beta 1 Product Testers we primarily seek:

  • Master planned community developers
  • Volume home builders who undertake their own subdivisions and subdivisions within master planned communities
  • Financial professionals such as lenders and other forms of capital providers associated with real estate development lending, joint ventures and investment
  • Appraisers, planning and engineering firms with a focus on the residential land development and home building industries
  • Software consulting firms with a focus on the real estate development and home building industries

The Beta 1 Product Test relates to the MPC/HB Beta 1 Product only and does not include any Staircase Income Property programs.

The Beta 1 Product subject to this Beta 1 Product Test is developed in Excel/VBA and is the predecessor to MPC/HB Beta 2 which is being developed as a web based SaaS application. Accordingly, Beta 1 Product Testers will not receive Beta 1 Product software. The Beta 1 Product will be reviewed and evaluated by Beta 1 Product Tester through participation in a scheduled series of 13 on-line Demonstration Meetings conducted by Staircase over a four-month period. Additionally, Beta 1 Product Tester will review and respond to Beta 1 Product related documents provided by Staircase on its Beta 1 Testers Web Site.

At such time as the MPC/HB Beta 2 Product is ready for testing, Beta 1 Product Test agrees, subject to its acceptance of a MPC/HB Beta 2 Tester Agreement, to be a MPC/HB Beta 2 Product Tester.

If you are interested in participating in our Beta 1 Product Test, please fill out and submit the adjacent “Beta 1 Product Tester Applicant Information”. We will contact you and review the requirements and benefits associated with being a Beta 1 Product Tester.

Beta Tester Information